Born in Monterey, California Whitney Stolich grew up on a 50-acre horse ranch. As a young child through adulthood she always had a camera in one hand and an animal in the other. At a young age she decided she wanted to show and competed hunter jumper with her trusty partner "Prince Lightfoot."

Upon leaving Monterey for Los Angeles to study at Loyola Marymount University she immersed herself in 2 subjects: art and urban planning. Stolich wanted to understand more about the unfamiliar world of the "city." The horse world and culture was second nature to Stolich but she had questions and wanted answers when it came to understanding her new surroundings.

Upon graduating Stolich started a unique personalized photo journalistic style business that uniquely concentrated on the equestrian world. Four years later she went to Otis College of Art and Design to obtain a Masters in Fine Arts where she fine tuned her works in the horse world as wells as her works that dealt with urban planning.

It was at this time Stolich realized she wanted to photographically capture the "moments" between the rider and their horse and the many unique bonds that form within the hours leading up to the competition. "There are so many intense and long hours of preparation and no one was capturing these amazing instances," says Stolich. It is during this time for Stolich that truly portrays the irreplaceable bonds between a rider and their partner. Stolich has won many international awards for her work throughout the United States and Europe.